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How can you reach someone's heart?
5.5.08 21:53


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Rin (5.5.08 22:04)
By acting. :D

you know me (30.5.08 23:05)
no rin not by acting

but by beeing like you usually are.....

acting alll your life can be bad ...and for a relationship its the killer .....

believe me

rainingblood (1.6.08 21:39)
Oh yes and why hadn't you reach the heart of someone while you were as you usually were?

Non acting kills a relationship.

But not every acting is good maybe because you acted worse. It's a small line between good and bad acting and it depend on the person. But I'm sure if you do very much good for the person (with the strong will to do something for this person, the will to reach his/her heart and maybe the will to show your love/friendship to him/her) then you will reach them.

Don't believe in bad things or depressiv persons.
Think of something good!

TNT (5.6.08 14:03)
so you know so much?

I think every boddy has to find his own way...
and nobody should jugde about the others way, because evry body has different experiences...
and evry body has some intelligens to judge right or wrong for him self ...the post up there was myopinion and to this :

Oh yes and why hadn't you reach the heart of someone while you were as you usually were?

because i haven't bee he person I am sice im about 12...,and that killed some thing in me, if you want to know more speak personaly with me
you can find me ...

Best wishes TNT (Typ namens Tod ( Guy named death )

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