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hm... first of all:
I've answered some of your comments, could you have a look at it?

I have soooo many things to wirte about, but no time at the moment QQ
anyway, I'll do it in the evening... or I'll play Golden Sun :D

5.6.08 15:34



Ok, seit ca 10 minuten wieder normal mit dem Netz verbunden...

I feel greeeaaat X3

Ok, everything I wanted to blog has just fade away... <3

Bis morgen xD
5.6.08 22:51

wieder Internet haben is voll toll :D
morgen Violinen-Vorspiel und Grillen. Hoffentlich is schönes Wetter xD

Meine Stimme is voll am Arsch irgendwie ~.~ die muss unbedingt besser werden... ;_; bis Montag!! Oder nein.. Bis Sonntag ~_~

LastFriends ist total... oh man ö_ö es ist voll toll, aber ich reg mich die ganze Zeit nur auf... ö_ö man ey! egal, LastFriends is toll.

GoldenSun ist sooo cool xDD macht voll Spaß, aber manchmal voll anstrengend hin und her zu laufen...

Physik-HÜ ö_ö damn, ich hätte gestern doch zum Unterricht gehen soll. Egal, hoffentlich krieg ich noch 14Punkte...

So, ich geh jetzt schlafen >: bin krank und um die Zeit noch auf... =_=''
7.6.08 00:41


nur noch eine Woche bis zu den Sommerferien... Next week will be relaxed~

- Monday - only 4 periods

- Tuesday - Samurai exposition

- Wednesday - Dynamikum in Pirmasens

- Thursday - Frankfurt

- Friday - ...

Just before the 4th lesson today, I wanted time to stop... but now it's okay... I look forward to next year... Next Friday I want to play the grand piano in our assembly hall...

~...さだめ and こなゆき...~

will you listen to me...?

13.6.08 23:15

to do!

-new design?


-other extra-pages? ~>Akanishiiiii <3
13.6.08 23:19

Autumn Tale

I'm so happy... I can't believe it...
1000 thanks to the Seeder with over 400Kb/s... thank you so much...

I had to wait one year... but after all I have it... I have Autumn Tale... I'm so happy <3

okay, I could have watched it online, but I didn't want to and I didn't really find it... Lately I did, but then it just didn't feel like Autumn... And downloading it before we changed to our new InternetProvider, I would have had to wait years...

Autumn, I love you <3
hm... or should I first watch Summer Scent..? No...

Autumn Tale, here we go <3

14.6.08 18:08

I'm afraid of my future... why did it turn out like this..?

Maybe I shouldn't play さだめ and こなゆき... Maybe it'll only make me cry... Maybe I won't even be able to play it, even if I want to... but this would even make it worse... why am I so to be tied up in knots ..?

I feel fine... Don't misunderstand this word, okay?
19.6.08 22:55

Summer Vacation

Oh, I'm so happy, that I decided to play those two songs... I'm so so happy... <3

RO is so funny xD I wonder how long this feeling will last, but at the moment, I really like RO ^_^

French people can be reaaally funny :D especially those VIPs xD

My Zeugnis was ok :D no, it was good ^^ I couldn't have expected more~

6 weeks doing nothing *__* yeah~
23.6.08 01:23


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