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Was für ein Scheiß =_= ich blogg sein Wochen nicht und jetzt blogg ich nur um mitzuteilen, dass ich Spamschutz für mein GästeBuch aktivieren muss~ ich krieg da seit Tagen irgendwelchen Scheiß~ naja, das war's schon, ne~
2.6.07 14:33


Wie lange wird es wohl noch dauern...?
10.6.07 13:57

Doesn't it feel good to laugh about some kinda nonsense sometimes?
10.6.07 22:12

"For me it isn't just a film... it's my second life"
10.6.07 22:55

After all he is still the 15-year old boy with all those cruel emotions deep inside which he could not overcome even after six years...
11.6.07 17:21

Don't we have a lot of beautiful memories?
Don't we have a lot of wonderful Days to remember?
11.6.07 21:41

At the end I really had to smile... I kinda like it because with something like that the story can continue, ne... zutto...
12.6.07 00:11

"What does that change anyway?
I feel kinda I've lost pretty much, ne...
Everything has drifted so far away...
Everything seems more and more like an unreachable dream..."
12.6.07 19:15

The Valentine's chocolate Duell <3

H.: "How many chocolates did you get last year?"
O.: "Dunno. About 20~"
H.: "I got about 22."
O.: "I see, I think I got 30."
H.: "Oh, I remember I had 45."
O.: "I think it was 67."
H.: "I had 84."

And they looked so cool talking about this X3
13.6.07 18:11

"Either way is fine. You can choose what you want to believe. Your opinion will remain the same anyway."
13.6.07 18:18

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