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Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
wake me up when september ends


Here comes the rain again
falling from the stars
drenched in my pain again
becoming who we are

as my memory rests
but never forgets what I lost
wake me up when september ends
30.9.08 20:31


Summer Vacation

Oh, I'm so happy, that I decided to play those two songs... I'm so so happy... <3

RO is so funny xD I wonder how long this feeling will last, but at the moment, I really like RO ^_^

French people can be reaaally funny :D especially those VIPs xD

My Zeugnis was ok :D no, it was good ^^ I couldn't have expected more~

6 weeks doing nothing *__* yeah~
23.6.08 01:23

I'm afraid of my future... why did it turn out like this..?

Maybe I shouldn't play さだめ and こなゆき... Maybe it'll only make me cry... Maybe I won't even be able to play it, even if I want to... but this would even make it worse... why am I so to be tied up in knots ..?

I feel fine... Don't misunderstand this word, okay?
19.6.08 22:55

Autumn Tale

I'm so happy... I can't believe it...
1000 thanks to the Seeder with over 400Kb/s... thank you so much...

I had to wait one year... but after all I have it... I have Autumn Tale... I'm so happy <3

okay, I could have watched it online, but I didn't want to and I didn't really find it... Lately I did, but then it just didn't feel like Autumn... And downloading it before we changed to our new InternetProvider, I would have had to wait years...

Autumn, I love you <3
hm... or should I first watch Summer Scent..? No...

Autumn Tale, here we go <3

14.6.08 18:08

to do!

-new design?


-other extra-pages? ~>Akanishiiiii <3
13.6.08 23:19


nur noch eine Woche bis zu den Sommerferien... Next week will be relaxed~

- Monday - only 4 periods

- Tuesday - Samurai exposition

- Wednesday - Dynamikum in Pirmasens

- Thursday - Frankfurt

- Friday - ...

Just before the 4th lesson today, I wanted time to stop... but now it's okay... I look forward to next year... Next Friday I want to play the grand piano in our assembly hall...

~...さだめ and こなゆき...~

will you listen to me...?

13.6.08 23:15

wieder Internet haben is voll toll :D
morgen Violinen-Vorspiel und Grillen. Hoffentlich is schönes Wetter xD

Meine Stimme is voll am Arsch irgendwie ~.~ die muss unbedingt besser werden... ;_; bis Montag!! Oder nein.. Bis Sonntag ~_~

LastFriends ist total... oh man ö_ö es ist voll toll, aber ich reg mich die ganze Zeit nur auf... ö_ö man ey! egal, LastFriends is toll.

GoldenSun ist sooo cool xDD macht voll Spaß, aber manchmal voll anstrengend hin und her zu laufen...

Physik-HÜ ö_ö damn, ich hätte gestern doch zum Unterricht gehen soll. Egal, hoffentlich krieg ich noch 14Punkte...

So, ich geh jetzt schlafen >: bin krank und um die Zeit noch auf... =_=''
7.6.08 00:41


Ok, seit ca 10 minuten wieder normal mit dem Netz verbunden...

I feel greeeaaat X3

Ok, everything I wanted to blog has just fade away... <3

Bis morgen xD
5.6.08 22:51


hm... first of all:
I've answered some of your comments, could you have a look at it?

I have soooo many things to wirte about, but no time at the moment QQ
anyway, I'll do it in the evening... or I'll play Golden Sun :D

5.6.08 15:34

How can you reach someone's heart?
5.5.08 21:53

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